This year, v.1 wants to start and sustain conversations across departments, doors, floors, buildings, and schedules. v.1 is accepting submissions on a rolling basis and publishing—in print, online, and live—incrementally, when the time is right.

Send your (ideas for) essays, sketches, reviews, videos, poems, photographs, soapbox speeches, interviews, documentation, podcasts, satire, diagrams, commentary, stories, overheard quotes, and all manner of filtered or unfiltered, finished or unfinished thoughts to


v.1 is written, edited, designed, illustrated, and produced by RISD graduate students in all disciplines, in the context of "Making v.1," a full-year graduate course, with contributions from the graduate community at large. It takes various forms—online, in print, and live. The views and opinions expressed in v.1 are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Rhode Island School of Design.